1. Paul's HR
    Paul's HR
    1967 Hr Prem Wagon, 192 red motor, 500 Holley, Trimatic, Leather Interior, have swapped the chromies for a set of US Racer mags.
  2. Stu T's Mustang
    Stu T's Mustang
    1969 Mustang, 351 Clevo, 5 Speed Trematic, Full Floater Diff.
  3. Brett's VY
    Brett's VY
    2004 VY Clubsport Commodore, Supercharged 6.0litre LS V8, 6 speed manual, approx 400rwkw.
  4. Mick's Skyline.
    Mick's Skyline.
  1. Damo's VE Redline
    Damo's VE Redline
    Last of the Holden V8's, 2017 VF Series 2 Commodore SS Redline Sedan, 6.0litre LS, 6 speed manual.
  2. Russ's XA
    Russ's XA
    1972 4 Door XA Falcon, 250 2V 6, T5 manual, Borg Warner Diff.
  3. Tom's VE Wagon
    Tom's VE Wagon
    2011 Series 2 VE SS Wagon, Cammed 6.0 Litre LS2 V8, 6 speed manual, Stainless Steel Exhaust, 20" Simmonds.
  4. Stu H's XR6
    Stu H's XR6
    2008 FG F6 XR8 Falcon. 4.1 Barra 6 Turbo, 6 speed auto. Over 300,000k's and still looks as good as when it rolled of the production line.